Podcast Launch. Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Welcome to the launch of the Student Expert podcast. On this platform I will be talking with student experts about their field of study and expertise. The links to the episodes will take you to my podbean site where you can browse and listen to my current and future episodes. The first episode Depth Psychology … Continue reading Podcast Launch. Episodes 1, 2 and 3


New Law in India Protects the Rights of LGBTQ Communities

I decided to check out this law that was posted on a blog from the positive news website. The blogger named Tom Lawson said in his article that "section 377 of the penal code" in Indian law is one that will be amended as it discriminates against people due to their sexual orientation and that … Continue reading New Law in India Protects the Rights of LGBTQ Communities

Leaving Home. Coming Home

As I sit in the "Imposter Coffee" looking out on the perfume shop, and whole food chain shop I reflect on the next stage of my life. I sit in this coffee shop, an alien invader to the Stratford shopping mall of my childhood. I am served by several Eastern European women with a smile. … Continue reading Leaving Home. Coming Home

The Lonely Irony of a Social Gathering

Walking through Canterbury wondering what the day will bring; convincing myself that  I'll engage with people if I get out of the house, I left the coffee shop for a change of scenery. My brief social interaction with the coffee shop staff asking for "large Americano please?" and dispensing with the "can I have a … Continue reading The Lonely Irony of a Social Gathering

Mervyn Blackwood. Film Review

Image is a still frame courtesy of Tomas Jefanovas website After contacting Tomas Jefanovas about my review for his film Busy that I saw in the Margate Arts Club and requesting an interview for my podcast, he responded generously saying he was happy to be interviewed and also suggested I might look at his other film Mervyn Blackwood, as it … Continue reading Mervyn Blackwood. Film Review